The Skillsoft Effect
Showing the value of eLearning is not optional.

We’ve helped thousands of Talent leaders uncover The Skillsoft Effect and deliver results without the burden of an expensive, complex « science fair. »


Proven practices, tools, and benchmarks to establish baselines, sets goals, and build value.


Quantify value using simple math and conservative assumptions.


Tailor your plan so you can monitor progress as you create value and make great decisions.

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Case Studies

In Our Clients’ Own Words…
« The success of the programme in contributing to a more engaged, more productive workforce has encouraged us to maintain our focus on investing in people. »


Kirsty Brooks, Head of Talent, Johnson Controls (UK)
« The first time I really got the « buy-in » on ROI from our senior leaders was after we did our first Impact Analysis with our Customer Success Consultant. We just completed our second analysis and are excited to give our senior leaders the new numbers! »


Sandi Wilson, Manager of Learning, Development, and HR Employee Services at Vectren Corporation

Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of the Talent Development journey is getting a project funded so you have the tools to help the workforce grow. Once you make the investment, how do you know that it’s paying off so you can continue your excellent work? Over the last five years, we’ve seen Skillsoft learning deliver powerful results in 6,700+ organizations worldwide. We call this the Skillsoft Effect—and it’s been validated by independent third party research.


How do you compare to Benchmarks and Best Practices?

We’ve gathered data from more than 36,000 end users from 10 different industries. Click each vertical to learn what our end users consistently say about Skillsoft’s quality, value and effectiveness.

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