Compliance Impact Series

At trade association meetings, competitors exchange important information and collaborate in a way that benefits industries and consumers. But what happens when an exchange strays from permitted business talk to a potential violation of antitrust law? In this Compliance Impact, an employee must respond to a competitor who brings up a risky topic during a trade association meeting.
Using social media can be risky, especially when talking about your company or competitors. This Compliance Impact explores a situation where an employee uses social media inappropriately – in a way that is both unethical and in violation of her company's social media policy.
Misconduct and ethical violations can lead to extremely negative consequences for a company and its employees. Yet, fear of retaliation often prevents employees from reporting misconduct. This Compliance Impact dramatizes a situation where an employee struggles with whether to report the misconduct of a senior executive.
Everyone has the right to participate in politics. But employees should not use their company's time or resources to do so, and should use care to avoid representing the company or its views when engaging in personal political activities. This Compliance Impact explores a situation where an employee blurs the boundary between her own political views and those of her…
When hourly employees are off the clock, they shouldn't be asked to perform any work duties they aren't being compensated for. Even when time is tight and a task needs to be completed, off the clock means off the clock.
Bribery violations can be a risk for any company, especially those that operate on a large global scale. Knowing the warning signs for bribery is the first step in helping to prevent that risk from becoming a reality. In this Compliance Impact, an employee considers what action to take when a trusted agent's request raises a red flag for bribery.
All employees deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. To offend, embarrass, or in any way mistreat those you work with is unacceptable. This Compliance Impact shows how just one employee can make the workplace unpleasant for all.
Employees who possess confidential information about their company are responsible for safeguarding that information. This obligation extends to the use of certain confidential, or "inside," information in making a decision to trade or not to trade securities, which is prohibited by law. This Compliance Impact explores one such opportunity faced by an employee who must decide what to do with…
It's everyone's responsibility to keep harassment out of the workplace . Whether you're the victim or a witness, it's important that you report any incident, no matter how seemingly slight. But reporting harassment isn't always easy. The pressure to fit in and avoid disrupting personal relationships can make reporting uncomfortable. This Compliance Impact explores why it's important to report harassment…
As a manager, it's important to take seriously any harassment complaint you receive.But responding to harassment isn't always easy. This Compliance Impact explores the right way – and the wrong way – to respond to a harassment complaint.
Bullying is a pattern of mistreatment that can inflict serious damage on victims. It can also be costly to companies who don't take steps to prevent and respond to it. Bullying can take a variety of forms, including verbal abuse, humiliation, and conduct that's threatening or intimidating. This Compliance Impact explores a situation where an employee comes to recognize that…
Antitrust and competition laws have a broader scope than you might realize. They apply not only to corporate-level mergers and acquisitions, but also to proposals you might be drafting or bids you're submitting. This Compliance Impact demonstrates the importance of being aware of antitrust guidelines when engaging with competitors.
Ethics has a foundational role to play in today's corporate culture. Being able to respond appropriately to situations that present ethical risks will help you contribute to a positive business environment. This Compliance Impact demonstrates how employees' unethical actions can result in severe and negative consequences.
Given the global nature of commerce and the volume of electronic information routinely exchanged every day, data security has never been a more critical business issue. This Compliance Impact dramatizes how a simple act of carelessness can cause a serious data breach.
As an employee, it is important for you to act respectfully toward all your coworkers, whether they're located in the next office or on the other side of the globe. This Compliance Impact dramatizes ways in which disrespect can occur in the workplace.
Illegal insider dealing can have serious consequences for individuals and companies, so it's important to understand what it is and how to avoid it. This Compliance Impact experience follows characters who compromise themselves and their organizations through illegal insider dealing.
A conflict of interest is a problem of divided loyalties or conflicting obligations – for instance, your interests and those of your organization. Being aware of the potential for conflicts of interest in your workplace and knowing how to respond appropriately if they arise can help you avoid any negative consequences. This Compliance Impact follows an employee as she enters…
In an increasingly diverse workplace, managers must operate with sensitivity in handling accommodations for disabilities, religious practices, and medical leave. This Compliance Impact shows the types of situations that can trigger legally mandated accommodation and explains how to respond appropriately.
Bribery is any attempt or action to give, pay, or promise something of value with the intent to influence a business decision or gain a commercial advantage. This Compliance Impact experience dramatizes a situation where people behave inappropriately to expedite delivery of a shipment that's been held up in customs.
While the Internet has transformed how we share information, there are potential risks associated with using it in the workplace. You need to protect your own and your company's best interests when using Internet technologies. This Compliance Impact dramatizes some situations where employees' use of the Internet poses a threat to their companies.
The payment card industry (PCI) is booming with people using credit and debit cards with increasing frequency for all sorts of transactions every day. Unfortunately, the prevalence of credit and debit card usage creates opportunities for fraud, theft, privacy violations, and counterfeiting. This Compliance Impact gives guidance on ways to protect payment card information during transactions.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the US, 17% of the 4,609 work-related deaths in 2011 were attributable to violence, of which 458 instances were homicides. Workplace violence includes a range of acts such as assault, bullying, and harassment. Understanding more about workplace violence and how to react when it occurs can help make the workplace safer for…