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Stay connected using Convo. Discover how to integrate social media accounts, configure your account, manage notifications, and manage integrated services.
Use Convo on the go. Explore the use of the Convo mobile app, including creating and reacting to posts, chatting, working with groups, sharing files and collaborating on documents, adding reminders, searching, and adjusting settings.
Get the most out of Convo by making use of its document collaboration and sharing features. Explore the search function, sharing documents, commenting and annotating a document, and integrating a calendar into your feed.
Join the conversation in Convo. Discover how to connect to Convo, explore the interface, edit your profile, and invite others to join your network.
Collaborate with colleagues easily using Convo's group features. Explore joining and creating a group, participating in and sharing a group discussion, creating a task list, pinning and saving group posts, and configuring group settings.
Collaborate with efficiency using the available features of Convo. Discover how to create, tag, and react to posts, as well as share documents and images, manage feeds, use email to communicate, and start a chat.