Creative Thinking & Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most effective creative thinking techniques. See how to generate innovative thinking to spur new ideas.

Creativity: Nature versus nurture? You either have it or you don’t? Not true. Creativity can be learned, and those who approach the creative process in the right way can overcome any problem.
If your brainstorming process lacks structure, you may be doing it wrong. The best ideas come from brainstorming sessions that have a facilitator who sets ground rules and keeps the discussion focused on solving clearly defined problems.
Do you need to be more creative on the job? Do you want to take your creativity up a notch? Josh Linkner shares five steps for honing your abilities to find new ideas and innovate: ask, prepare, discover, ignite, and launch.
This course describes barriers to creativity and how to overcome them, provides strategies for enhancing creativity in the workplace, outlines key requirements for promoting it, and explores techniques for fostering creativity in teams.
You might not describe yourself as a creative person, but everyday activities – like problem solving or spotting opportunities – rely on your creative thinking and innovation. Originality is key, but your ideas also have to work within real-world constraints. In this course, you'll learn about the different stages of innovating and techniques for verifying the workability of your ideas.…