Technologies: Jive-n Cloud
Jive-n is built on the concepts of departments, spaces, and projects. Find out how to navigate within the different Jive-n places and spaces, how to create and customize projects, and how to manage your project tasks to completion.
Jive-n features an integrated calendar that you can use to manage meetings, organize product launches, and plan company events and activities. Discover how to use the calendar, create and manage events, and send and respond to event invitations.
Finding information is key to getting the most out of the Jive-n platform. Learn how to perform basic and advanced searches, how to follow and bookmark items, and how to use your notifications to ensure you never miss an important update.
Content is central to the Jive-n platform. Find out how to upload files, share videos and links, and create and illustrate blogposts and documents.
Learn the ropes of Jive-n's streams: manage your Activity Stream, create new custom and connection streams, and interact with other users in different ways as they post content and participate in the communities on the platform.
Jive-n allows you to stay on top of the news in your company, your departments and your projects. See how to sign in to Jive-n, set up your profile and interface preferences, and find and follow company co-workers and colleagues.