Technologies: NoSQL
NoSQL databases are attractive to developers due to their simplicity of design, but data security is always a concern. Learn about security issues and how to address them, as well as HL7, HIPAA, and PCI considerations.
CouchDB database management systems provides a lot of flexibility for storing and accessing your data. Learn about using CouchDB with NoSQL, including how to work with the API, using and installing cURL, and using Futon.
NoSQL databases are attractive to developers due to their simplicity of design and finer control over availability. Learn about how to install CouchDB, as well as MapReduce, RESTFul, and some basic programming using Java and JavaScript.
Increase your NoSQL knowledge by learning about the various replication models, key-value data stores and permutations, and working with document, column, graph, object, and XML data stores.
NoSQL databases offer a data retrieval and storage alternative to RDBMS. Explore the different NoSQL data models, including Cassandra, MongoDB, and Riak. In addition, learn about polyglot persistence and JSON.
NoSQL databases are increasingly used in real-time web applications and big data. Learn about distributed systems, issues, and models, as well as consistent hashing, big data, and analytics.
NoSQL databases provide a mechanism for data retrieval and storage other than relational databases. Learn about NoSQL data stores, queries and updates, and why NoSQL may be a better choice than a traditional relational database model.