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Technologies: Confluence Web, Slack for iOS, Slack Web
Confluence allows for a huge degree of control over everything you can do on the platform. Learn how to manage templates and themes, edit language and regional settings, secure your space access and permissions, and check site logs.
Spaces are collaborative and are designed to help you work more efficiently with team members and colleagues within your organization. Learn how to work with team members.
The Confluence editor interface is where all your creative activities take place when it comes to building out your space. Explore the available tools and features that can be used with spaces.
Explore spaces, a fundamental concept in the Confluence experience. Comprised of interlocking or related pages, they allow you to organize and curate your knowledge centers and ensure that everyone who needs the information has access to it.
As both a wiki software and a collaborative platform, Confluence enables you to create and manage multiple teams, projects, and knowledge centers at the same time. Learn how to create your account and manage your profile.
Slack breaks barriers and empowers organizations to communicate globally or privately. Explore Slack's private messaging, including message formatting, reactions, interaction management, and calling contacts.
Slack's collaboration functionality extends well beyond text messaging. Discover how to attach files, share items, create posts and snippets, get web information, search for items, and perform advanced searches.
One of Slack's most important features is channels, which allow you to create team collaboration environments. Discover how to create channels, join channels, post to channels, and adjust conversation displays.
Slack is slick all on its own, but mobility makes it sing. Explore Slack for iOS, from signing in to channels, private messages, sharing files, searching, managing notifications, and configuration.
Slack is a great collaboration tool that you can configure to suit your needs. Explore Slackbot, slash commands, working with Google calendar, customizing notifications, changing themes, and managing integrated services.
Slack is a supercharged collaboration platform that empowers organizations. Discover how to sign in, edit your profile, manage availability, and invite and manage team members.