Program Management Essentials

Program managers oversee many projects and must manage multiple resources and activities. Learn more about the processes, tools, and techniques.

In How to Manage Complex Programs, author Tom Kendrick assists readers in navigating the sometimes labyrinthine nature of multiple projects in a large program. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Developed by leading experts in the field, this practical resource provides guidance to organizations and practitioners on how to implement or enhance governance on portfolios, programs, and projects.
Presenting a clear path for project, program, and portfolio managers to lead others within a matrix environment regardless of the industry or complexity, this book offers proven strategies and behaviors that you can use to successfully deliver your projects, programs, and portfolios.
Drawing on insights, experience, and case studies from executives, practitioners, and researchers, this book explores the strengths and the weaknesses of "first-generation" (traditional) and "second-generation" (agile, complex, and extreme) project management approaches, to understand their limitations.
Including case studies, practical tips, and supporting tools, this straightforward book focuses on how to engage your stakeholders in the right way, and keep them engaged throughout the course of your program.
Presenting case studies from multiple industry sectors, this book illustrates a tested program management roadmap along with the supporting comprehensive frameworks to successfully execute business transformation programs, formulated strategies, and strategic initiatives.
Identifying critical success factors specific to program management, this book focuses on effective leadership styles and the power of teamwork in exceeding expectations. It examines various leadership styles and traits and provides helpful insights on the tough choices leaders are often forced to make.
Presented in the form of overlays, this practical book offers a unique approach to accommodating the three new constraints of population change, climate change, and energy resources as impacts on programs and portfolios.
Clarifying the nuances of complexity theory, this unique resource will help you focus your strategic energies on the right things and arm you and your team with the skills, tools, and techniques needed to succeed in today’s program environment.
Whether you are an aspiring program manager, a successful project manager, or a project team member, this book offers a fascinating glimpse into what it takes to run successful programs in today’s business environment.