Reinventing and Democratizing Leadership Development

Reinventing and Democratizing Leadership Development

In 2018, it’s time to get off this hopeless merry-go-round. Join Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President, Content Product Management, at Skillsoft, as she explores better ways to develop leaders. This includes:

* Viewing leadership skills as vital to all roles in the organization. This is important because as work environments evolve, work is often driven through projects and teams where different types of leaders, with varying skill sets, are critical.

* Democratizing leadership training by focusing on all leader levels, including individual contributors who have the potential to grow into project and team leaders as well as managers.

* Re-inventing content to focus on how people learn best, which is through stories and scenarios and applying learning through action-based exercises.

* Continuous, multi-modal learning ranging from scenario-driven eLearning to various forms of experiential and informal learning that re-enforce progressive leadership behaviors.

* You will leave the webinar with new ideas and a firm resolve to make 2018 the year that leadership development matures into the effective, business-building tool it needs to be.


Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President Training and Development Content, Skillsoft