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Windows PowerShell 101 Expert Live with Encore

Windows PowerShell 101 Expert Live with Encore

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This course addresses the needs of Windows system administrators and developers who recognize the fundamental integration of Windows PowerShell into Microsoft technologies nowadays. The chief instructional goals of this course are to provide students with the basic PowerShell skills they need to be more effective in their jobs as well as to give them confidence in using the technology such that they are empowered to further develop their abilities on their own.
To benefit fully from this course, students should have the following prerequisite courses/skills and knowledge:
Basic navigation skills in Windows client and/or server operating systems
General understanding of TCP/IP networking and remote systems management
Elementary knowledge of the purpose and benefits of administrative automation
This course is not tied to any specific certification. Even so, all of the Windows Server 2012, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and Exchange Server certification exams include several questions that test the candidate’s PowerShell knowledge. Attending this course assists in prepping for any of these exams as a Microsoft certification candidate that takes a current exam without knowing Windows PowerShell is highly likely not to pass the test.
Windows PowerShell 101
Module 1: Introducing Windows PowerShell (1 hour)
Why Learning Windows PowerShell is Crucial
Understanding Windows PowerShell Architecture
Installing and Configuring Windows PowerShell
Module 2: Discovering Windows PowerShell Commands (1 hour)
What are Windows Powershell Commands?
Anatomy of a Cmdlet
Discovering New Commands
Accessing the Help System
Module 3: Using Aliases and Providers (1 hour)
Accessing Built-in Aliases
Creating Your Own Aliases
Understanding Windows PowerShell Providers
Accessing Providers via PSDrives
Module 4: Understanding the Windows PowerShell Pipeline (1 hour)
Understanding How the Pipeline Works
Redirecting Windows PowerShell Output
Introducing Objects
Sorting, Filtering, and Formatting Windows PowerShell Output
Module 5: Implementing Windows PowerShell Remoting (1 hour)
Understanding Windows PowerShell Remoting Architecture
Implementing One-to-One Remoting
Implementing One-to-Many Remoting
Reviewing Remoting Gotchas and Best Practices
Module 6: Customizing and Scripting Windows PowerShell (1 hour)
Differentiating Snapins and Modules
Leveraging the Windows PowerShell Profile
Introducing Windows PowerShell Scripting

Target Audience
This course targets any IT professional who recognizes the need to develop their Windows PowerShell scripting skills. Specifically, we can identify (at the least) the following audience populations: - Microsoft certification candidates (IT Pro and Developer) - Systems administrators who learned that several configuration tasks can only be accomplished by using Windows PowerShell - Systems administrators who want to automate repetitive processes by leveraging Windows PowerShell - Those who are new to IT who seek to bolster their marketability by affirming proficiency with Windows PowerShell

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Windows PowerShell 101 Expert Live with Encore

  • Discuss Windows PowerShell topics intelligently and with the correct terminology
  • Discover PowerShell modules, available cmdlets, and syntax by using online help
  • Manage Windows client and server systems by using Windows PowerShell
  • Create and run scripts built with the PowerShell ISE
  • Customize the PowerShell running environment on a per-computer or per-user basis
  • Administer remote systems by using Windows PowerShell and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
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