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MySQL Database Development: Introduction

MySQL Database Development: Introduction

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MySQL is fast, reliable, easy to use, free to download, and supports standard SQL. Explore MySQL, including how to download and configure MySQL, and how to use the MySQL Workbench.

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MySQL Database Development: Introduction

  • describe the MySQL database platform, why you would want to use it, and the various editions available
  • locate and select the download options for the correct edition of MySQL
  • perform the installation and configuration of MySQL
  • properly configure the MySQL Server
  • describe what MySQL Workbench is and recognize the various functions it can perform
  • configure the Options File to change the behavior of the MySQL server
  • use MySQL Workbench to create and maintain database connections
  • use the Navigator Window to perform common server management tasks
  • use MySQL Workbench to define and configure both system variables and status variables
  • use MySQL Workbench to create and manage new user accounts
  • manage the permissions each user has within your MySQL environment
  • work with MySQL Workbench to perform various administrative tasks
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