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Planning AI Implementation

Planning AI Implementation

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Before tackling AI, you need to understand the issues surrounding implementation. Discover why you need AI, how to approach organizational talent and strategy, and how to prepare for AI architecture.

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Planning AI Implementation

  • describe how adopting an AI strategy requires proper expectations and buy-in
  • specify the various organizational challenges surrounding the adoption of AI
  • describe personnel training and how an AI implementation requires training
  • describe the role that data and algorithms play in an organizational AI implementation
  • specify why AI is commonly misinterpreted as substitution for personnel and how it should be considered as a complement to personnel
  • describe the ways that an organization can plan and develop AI capability
  • describe the challenges facing management when developing an AI solution and how it can impact personnel
  • specify the pitfalls of AI and why they should be avoided
  • describe the common elements of an organizational AI strategy
  • specify the various issues surrounding data, data quality, and the concepts of training, overfitting, and bias
  • describe the elements organizations need to understand in order to assess AI needs and tools
  • discuss the various aspects of AI an organization needs to address to plan for AI
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