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AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Tool Integration

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Tool Integration

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Examine how to integrate Azure DevOps tools into the application creation and deployment strategy. Explore licensing, software development lifecycle, authentication and access, and cloud hybridization, in preparation for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) certification exam.

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Lesson Objectives

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Tool Integration

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • utilize licensing efficiently in Azure DevOps
  • streamline user licensing in Azure DevOps
  • license concurrent pipelines
  • implement cost efficient test environments
  • work within the limitations of open source software licensing
  • work with licenses for all aspects of the Azure DevOps suite
  • streamline licensing package management in Azure DevOps
  • recommend a strategy for an end-to-end development lifecycle
  • integrate monitoring and feedback into the Azure DevOps pipeline
  • securely manage user access to the Azure DevOps environment
  • integrate on-premises and cloud resources
  • describe components of the software development lifecycle, managing and licensing of group rules, open source license types, tiers of jobs in Azure Pipelines, and private cloud characteristics
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