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Agile Project Management | Bootcamp with Expert Live and Encore

Agile Project Management | Bootcamp with Expert Live and Encore

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This course provides Project Managers with the knowledge and skills needed to master the concepts of agile project management. Projects that use agile methodologies experience nearly 20% higher project success rate than projects that do not rely on a proven approach. Successful organizations use agile methodologies to respond more quickly to market dynamics and changing customer needs. This course is intended to enhance a student’s knowledge of global terminology and to introduce popular agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test-driven Development (TDD). This course provides best practices for leading and directing agile project teams, managing an evolving scope, and delivering high value within the constraints of schedule and budget. This course consolidates the content from best practices and publications into a logical, sequential, and effective way to quickly and effectively prepare learners to apply.
The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:
Suggested 1,000 hours of general project experience working on agile teams.
Application of the Agile Toolkit across the domains of Agile Principles and Mindset, Value-driven Delivery, Stakeholder Engagement, Team Performance, Adaptive Planning, Problem Detection and Resolution, and Continuous Improvement.
Live Session Outline
Agile Project Management
Session 1: Introduction to the Agile Principles and Mindset
Session 2: Value-driven Delivery
Session 3: Stakeholder Engagement and Team Performance
Session 4: Adaptive Planning
Session 5: Problem Detection and Resolution and Continuous Improvement

Target Audience
The Agile Project Management course is intended for agile team members and leaders seeking an overview of Agile methodologies, best practices, and vocabulary. Agile team members and leaders who have had no formal training on the concepts of agile project management and methodologies will enhance their skills, learn proven agile approaches, and establish good practices for communication with Agile team members.

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Lesson Objectives

Agile Project Management | Bootcamp with Expert Live and Encore

  • Apply the concepts of proven agile methodologies and approaches to better manage agile projects in their work environment
  • Align project activities to the agile value proposition of visibility, adaptability, business value, and risk
  • Gain an understanding of the agile mindset and what it means to “be” agile vs “do” agile
  • Adopt a standard agile vocabulary
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